10 Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

By Iffley Road. Posted: May 17, 2016

The Marathon can be a tough event. Here are top tips for post-marathon recovery:

1. Enjoy your achievement. Take time to revel in your race and live in the moment.

2. If you didn’t finish or were unhappy with your time, take heart in the fact that there are always more marathons to race.

3. Take it easy on the stairs. Going downstairs is always hardest so allow more time to get around.

4. Rest up. Get lots of sleep and don’t run for at least a week after your marathon.

5. Have an ice bath. Recent research has proven that it’s beneficial to alternate an ice bath one day with a warm bath the next. Our personal tip is to wear a fleecy on top while you take the ice bath.

6. Consider a sports massage. Even if you don’t normally have massages, these can really help your muscles recover.

7. Give yourself a break from running. Let’s not pretend other activities such as swimming are as great but you’ll feel much more motivated once you start again.

8. If you’ve been sponsored, don’t forget to thank all your sponsors and let them know how you got on.

9. Review your training and think how you might want to refine things for your next race.

10. Don’t start planning your next race until you’ve had time to reflect properly on this one.


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