Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

5 Quick Trail Running Tips

There is, quite possibly, nothing more exhilarating than taking to the trails when you are a runner.  Not only can you bag a solid training session over challenging terrain, you also get to explore nature.  Here are our 5 quick top tips to have an enjoyable trail running experience.

Trail running uphill

1) Expect to run with a rucksack. Changing weather conditions mean it's wise to run with waterproof trousers and jacket, beanie, whistle, plasters and emergency food and drink.  For some events this may be a requirement.

2) Just because it's trail doesn't mean you need cross country shoes. If much of the surface is gravel, hard and dry, you might be better off in normal trainers.

3) Walking up hill can be faster and more efficient than running. You may feel tough if you continue to run but you probably won't move faster than those walking and you'll have less energy at the top. Look ahead and you'll probably spot even the leaders walking.

4) Expect lots of stiles and gates. This can break your rhythm if you're not used to stopping. It's common courtesy to hold the gate for the runner behind you.

5) Bring a dog at your peril. It's wonderful to run with a hound provided you're prepared to carry it across stiles and fly downhill as you're dragged!

We couldn't recommend trying a trail race more highly.  Have fun!

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