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Timeless British Running Kit

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Top 10 Long Training Run Tips

Take hydration and snacks Don’t rely on water fountains on route – they may not be working. We recommend taking on gels or equivalent every 30-45 minutes from halfway through your distance.

  • Start slow and judge the pace There’s no need for a warm up on a long run but we would recommend trying to keep an even pace. More ambitious runners may even want to try a fast finish.

  • Wear layers It’s tempting to overdress when the weather is cold. If you wear light layers you can normally scrunch them up or tie them around you if you get too hot.

  • Run with a friend if you can A long run nearly always passes more pleasantly with company. You don’t even need to chat, it’s just the feeling of solidarity.

  • Use long runs to try race day kit There’s no room for experimenting with new kit on race day. Make sure you’ve done a long training run in exactly the trainers, socks and kit you plan to wear on race day.

  • Vary your route and try destination runs. There’s something very satisfying about having a distinct destination – work to home, home to a friend’s house etc. If this doesn’t work for you, try to vary your routes.

  • Mentally break your run into lots of short sections – it makes the distance much less intimidating.

  • Know where the toilets are If you’re going to be out for 2-3 hours, you may well need a toilet. Make sure you plan a route, which passes one especially in the second half.

  • Plan a proper recovery when you get through the door. Take on board fluid as soon as you get through the door. If at all possible it’s best to avoid commitments for the next few hours.

  • Good luck with your long training runs!

    (Destination runs can add interest to a training schedule)