Top Tips for Running on Holiday

By Bill Byrne. Posted: June 29, 2016

Did you know that shortly before he broke the 4-minute mile, Roger Bannister went off hiking?

That tells you something about the importance of physical and mental recovery.  That being said, you can still have a good, well-deserved break from your regular training pattern and incorporate running into your new vacation routine.  So here are some top tips for running on holiday.

Top tips for running on holiday

1. Rest and recovery

Holidays are generally about rest and an opportunity to unwind from the chaos of daily life. If you go off on holiday planning to do as much running as you do at home, you will probably be disappointed.

We recommend being flexible about how much running you can fit in. Consider cross-training (e.g. Swimming) as a good rest for your tired legs. You can also use downtime to stretch (something us runners never do enough of) provided you are prepared for some funny looks from non-runners!

Or curl up with a good running book. Reflect on your achievements so far this year and write down what you want to achieve during the remainder.

2. Fitting in with family and friends

It’s best to try to schedule any running you want to do around family and friends’ plans for the day. Or even better try to get your non-running family and friends out for their first run. There’s nothing more satisfying than converting someone to the joys of running!

3. Time for experimentation

Being in a different place is also a great opportunity to relish your new surroundings. A new location can mean a perfect opportunity to try new routes (make sure you know how to get back to base though!)

Or you may be able to use the holiday as an opportunity to try something new – for example some resorts offer classes such as yoga or tai-chi (in this case, our kit such as our Cambrian t-shirt, made from our bespoke technical dri-release, is just as good for running as it is for these other forms of activities).  

If you have a wonderful surface, such as beach or trail you may even be able to try some proper barefoot running.

Running footprints in sand

If you have any questions about running on holiday (or at home!) please email us at 


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