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Top 10 Smaller Marathons
  1. Copenhagen Marathon, Denmark
    Laps of the beautiful city, good time of year, calm start where you can even stand on the start line if you like! No problem with last minute toilet stop. (May)
  2. Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromso, Norway
    Undulating roads along the beautiful north Norwegian coast around Tromso. Experience running through midnight in full sunlight only to be cheered home by crowds of exuberant Norwegians piling out of the clubs. (Jun)
  3. Budapesat Marathon, Hungary Steeped in history, this marathon unashamedly takes in all the tourist sights of historic Budapest before heading out along the Danube. Almost worth running with a camera. (Oct)
  4. Reykjavic Marathon, Iceland
    Relaxed race of only around 1000 entrants. Run mostly through the streets of Reykjavik you also have sections in the countryside – spectacular and bleak in equal measure. High proportion of Viking style full beards among the men. (Aug)
  5. Marathon de Saint-Andre des Eaux, France
    One of the oldest marathons in Northern France. Stunning views across the bay for much of the route. Nice figure of 8 course with the town of St Andre at the centre. Flat as a Breton pancake. (Aug)
  6. Richmond Park Marathon, UK
    Beautiful parkland scenery and totally off road, but relentlessly undulating. Enjoy but don’t expect a PB. (May)
  7. Riga Marathon, Latvia
    Figure of eight course in and around historic Riga, the first loop being the half marathon run at the same time. Friendly locals, great atmosphere but keep an eye on the long-term weather forecast. There was a heat wave for 2013. (May)
  8. Hamburg Marathon, Germany
    Another classic European spring marathon, with varied and interesting route. Generally an ideal temperature. (Apr)
  9. Limerick Marathon, Ireland
    Excellent choice for a reasonably local spring marathon. Ireland in May should provide a perfect temperature. Nice varied course through Limerick with countryside and river sections too. (May)
  10. Florence Marathon, Italy
    One of the most romantic and ancient cities on earth to do a marathon, surprisingly undulating so don't expect a PB. (Nov)