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Top 10 Sports Books (Excluding Running)
  1. The Death of Marco Pantani – Matt Rendell For us watching Pantani ride was always the best part of the Tour de France even when Armstrong was competing. What a great rider! This book tells the story of his sad, short life.
  2. A Dog in a Hat – Joe Parkin Ever wondered how your life would have turned out if you'd become a cycling pro? Look no further - all the reasons why you shouldn't have!
  3. Iron War – Matt Fitzgerald The 1989 World Ironman Championship in Hawaii was possibly one of the most gripping races in the history of sport. This book takes you right behind what made Dave Scott and Mark Allen among the fiercest competitors in the world.
  4. Open - Andre Agassi Many an autobiography is full of hype and self-promotion. Not this one. Agassi is so honest and insightful. I couldn’t put it down and I don’t even like tennis!
  5. Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells – Alfred Wainwright If you’re not already a fan you’re in for a treat. First published in the 50s these beautiful guides, handwritten and with Wainwright’s own sketches, totally stand the test of time. Great in situ but also fantastic armchair reads.
  6. Pedalare! Pedalare! – John Foot Read too many TdF books? Then this is the perfect cycling book for you. A knowledgeable, well-written and extremely readable history of the Giro d’Italia. Some great historical nuggets, including the story of only woman to compete in the Giro!
  7. This Game of Ghosts – Joe Simpson To me a better book than the more famous “Touching the Void”. This autobiography covers an awesome climbing career, the deaths of many friends and explores why people climb. An inspiring read.
  8. Tomorrow we Ride - Jean Bobbet This slim volume is so much more than a memoire of French cycling and Le Tour from the 50’s. It’s as much about the relationship between Jean and his more successful brother Luison and how they grew old still riding together. Warm hearted and moving.
  9. Triathlon! A Long Day’s Dying - Steve Trew This trashy but brilliant page turner is a perfect novel for first time or hard core triathletes as a fun holiday read.
  10. You are an Ironman – Jacques Steinberg This is a fascinating account of how six weekend warriors fulfilled their ambition of competing an Ironman. Especially interesting for wannabe Ironmen