What Inspires You To Run

By Iffley Road. Posted: February 03, 2016

It’s well known that a hugely successful athlete can inspire a whole generation of youngsters. This is why certain countries become known for a particular sport or - in contrast - go for decades without any world class athletes.

A good example of this is how a small country like Norway  became known for women’s distance running thanks to Grete Waitz and then Ingrid Kristiansen. Or how popular cycling has become in Spain in the decade between Miguel Indurain and Alberto Contador.

But if you’re not at elite level, sometimes it takes more than a successful role model to make you want to get up on a dark morning and head round the park.

Here’s what’s inspired us in the past few months

Seeing two runners charging up the hill completely barefoot towards Sidmouth Wood in Richmond Park on Boxing Day while the rest of us were digesting a rather large lunch…

Watching the determination on the face of Garrett Heath as he completely unexpectedly pipped Mo Farah to the post in the Great Edinburgh Cross Country…

Receiving a copy of the book written by our former coach James Beckinsale “The Triathlon Training Book” just out this week with some lovely photos of club members in race mode

Chasing our puppy spaniel along the beach at Padstow on a blustery but sunny day…and equally seeing how settled he is for the rest of the day after a 50 minute run every morning.

If you’ve got to the point in your life where you’re no longer chasing PBs just appreciating the simple pleasures can make a huge difference.

Tell us what inspires you….

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