The Joys of the Christmas Day Run

By Iffley Road. Posted: December 11, 2014

Runners, more than most, are aware of seasons and tradition. Our year has a natural rhythm to it. Digging out our studs for the start of the cross-country season in October. The first spring run in shorts. The thrill and anticipation of getting into training for an autumn or spring marathon.

Many of us also have our own Christmas running traditions.

For us, many years ago and pre children, it was always our club Christmas Day Run. The event would be surprisingly well attended particularly given its 10am start. It was one of the few occasions when the whole club ran together as a pack irrespective of speed and fitness, and a great chance to chat and reflect on the year’s activities.

Later, with young children, we tended to visit relatives over Christmas. We’d always find time to sneak out for a run and explore new parts of the country. One memorable year we got hopelessly lost in the country lanes of Wiltshire running twice the distance we had planned.

Nowadays we still try to run on Christmas Day, often a snatched opportunity. It still remains one of our Christmas highlights and is always a special run with its own unique sights and experiences. Cheery “hellos” from strangers in their Christmas jumpers; dodging wobbly children on shiny new bikes and knowing we’ve earned that turkey and large glass of wine.

Whatever your plans for the holiday period we wish you a very happy Christmas and great running in 2015!

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