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Diary of an Injured Runner - The Deed Is Done

The deed is done. My big toe has been chopped in two and a screw inserted. It is now precisely 4mm longer than it was one week ago (and back to it’s original length). The ligaments to the second toe have been repaired and – having been completely dislocated – it has been popped back into place. I now possess a big black Donjoy boot and a crutch.

I have slept, slept and slept some more. It’s been quite nice for an insomniac not to have the usual problem. It’s now been almost a week since I’ve left the house. But The Big Sleep is coming to an end and I feel a sudden rush of desire to get on with “normal” life.

But for now “normal” will mean lists, plans and reflections. I eagerly await a follow-up with the foot surgeon until I dare walk, let alone dream of running. In the meantime, I stare ahead marvelling at the intricacies of the foot. And reflecting on how purple and yellow is quite a nice colour combination. Because that’s the colour of my new toes.