Celebrate the Sub 4 Minute Mile

By Iffley Road. Posted: April 28, 2014

May 6th is the 60th Anniversary of the first sub 4 minute mile. Here are 5 ways to celebrate…

1) Run a timed mile. Why not join blogger @runningdanw - you can run it anywhere you like. Join him here

2) Do a timed mile with three mates. Each of you run one lap of the track.

3) Take a newbie runner out for a mile run.

4) Watch a clip of the best milers on YouTube. Apart from Bannister, there's Coe, Ovett, Cram and the current mile record-holder, El Guerrouj.

5) Dip in to one of the great books on the mile including "The First Four Minutes" by Roger Bannister; "3:59:4" by John Bryant and the new release "Twin Tracks:The Autobiography" also by Roger Bannister.

Will you be celebrating?

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