Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

6 Reasons to Love Summer Running

Longer days and warmer weather - summer is well and truly here. The heat and humidity make it notoriously challenging, but there is so much to love about summer running.

If you need some encouragement, here are the reasons why we love summer running.

The long evenings and light mornings

There’s no need to rush in the evening. It doesn’t matter when you knock off work, in fact it may even be better to finish later so the temperature is cooler.  We suggest pre-planning supper, so even if you’re back as late as 9pm you know what you’re eating. 

Equally you’ll feel virtuous if you embrace early morning running. In fact, if you want to avoid the heat, it’s generally cooler around 8am in the morning than it is at 8pm at night.  A banana, a glass of water and an espresso can give you the energy to get going. 

If you’ve braved it back into the office, why not avoid public transport and try an early morning run commute?  Some of my favourite ever morning runs were at 6am from Waterloo to Canary Wharf along the Thames. 

If you do end up running in the middle of the day, we recommend choosing a shady path. That mixture of sun, shade and a gentle breeze is do-die-for.

Exploring new parts of the world on Staycation

If you’re on a staycation, it’s a perfect chance to explore coastal paths and different beaches. When you factor in how much more ground you can cover running versus walking, it’s an amazing way to go further than you would do on a typical family walk. A perfect reason to get up early while the family are asleep and go that little bit further.

The liberation of less kit

There’s no need for head torches, jackets or gloves, It feels wonderful to run with minimalist kit. Our Nottingham vests and Pembroke shorts are super light and wicking.

6 Reasons to Love Summer RunningSuperlight running kit will keep you cool and comfortable so you can focus on your run – not the heat.

You can give barefoot running a go

There’s no better feel that of freshly cut grass against the foot.  This is a perfect time of year to give barefoot running a go. Throw your shoes off and do a few laps of a local park. Keep your eyes on the ground to avoid twigs, stones and anything else you might want to avoid. 

Stretch outdoors

Post run grab your yoga mat, water bottle and head outdoors.  A little gentle stretching and yoga are so much more enjoyable with the sun on your back.

Enjoy the after glow

Once you’re done with your running there’s no better feeling than sitting outside with a beer, preferably with friends or the family.  You’ll feel you’ve earned it!

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