Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

Are you a Real Runner?  Take our short quiz to find out

Are you a real runner?

Some feel there is a difference between people who run and real runners.  It's less about your speed and more about your attitude.  

So we've compiled a short quiz for you to find out. 

Just answer yes / no to the following 10 questions.

1. You overshoot your house at the end of a run in order to make up the distance to the nearest kilometer. 

2. You never have a really big night on a Friday night, with parkrun the next day. You're especially pleased if you can plan your holidays such that you leave on a Saturday afternoon and return on a Friday night. You do parkrun regardless of whether you have a big race on the Sunday.

3. You’re able to convert miles to kilometers; and km/hour to minute/km in your head. 

4. You think nothing of spending more on trainers than on a pair of work shoes.

5. You secretly think stretching is a waste of time.

6. You still run when you're injured.

7. Treadmills are something for gym bunnies. 

8. You run to work and pride yourself in getting there quicker than on public transport (admittedly this does not include showering time).

9. You've never been a fan of cross-training whatever the experts say.

10. A 7 ½ mile run through some very muddy trails in fancy dress with the running club is just something one does in the run up to Christmas.  What's strange about that?



7-10 Yeses - You are a running addict

4-6 Yeses - Caution, you are on your way to becoming seriously hooked

1-5 Yeses - Relax - you've still got your running in perspective!


What do you think constitutes a real runner?  We'd love to hear your views so please email







Allen Cuttler

Allen Cuttler said:

What constitutes a real runner? The things that determine the answer to this is, consistency, passion, can you and are you motivated to run on your own, run in any weather condition ( provided that you`re not going out in a hazardous situation), and it`s longevity…because as we age, our running experience and experiences, are what really count. .

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