Art on the Run - a runner's eye view of London

By Steve Skinner. Posted: November 17, 2016

#TeamIffley ambassador Steve Skinner lives, works and runs in London. But unlike most of us, who tend to share our running snaps via social media, Steve prefers to reach for his sketch pad.  He's kindly provided us with some of his latest sketches...


Tower Bridge - a famous landmark and iconic moment in the London marathon.

A classic dolphin lamp stand from the 1860s when the Victorians lit the Embankment.

 London old and new - an ancient church with new construction in the background.

We end with this great sketch of one of London's old alleyways, the inspiration for Harry Potter's "Diagon Alley".  

Running is the best way to explore your neighborhood and we love the way Steve has captured these views of his London runs. 


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