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Best Runs in Barcelona - Montjuïc, Avinguda Diagonal and More

Barcelona is a beautiful city. It is renowned for its art and stunning architecture from Antoni Gaudi, and boasts one of the best beaches in the world. Thanks to its warm climate, numerous historical monuments, wonderful food and great tourist infrastructure, it is a very popular city to visit. 

The populous Catalonian capital is also a great city to run in, thanks to its scenic routes through parks and along the beaches. The waterfront was redeveloped ahead of the Barcelona 1992 providing well-kept pavements for runners. There is also the Barcelona Marathon which started as the Catalunya Marathon in 1978. The route starts and finishes at Placa d’Espanya and takes participants on a tour of the city around sights such as Camp Nou and the Sagrada Familia.

Barcelona street view

Running When Travelling

Over the last few years whenever I have travelled it has been for a race. It has been good to explore various cities whilst taking part in an event, but at the same time a bit of a shame to not be able to run more and try different routes. Luckily this time I was in Barcelona for a wedding, so I had the freedom to fit in as much training as I could around sightseeing and relaxing at the beach. Having completed marathons and ultramarathons I feel incredibly lucky to be able to explore places on foot. I tend to find that the miles go a lot quicker when I’m running and looking around (as opposed to worrying about the pace and staring at my watch). And, with big races such as OCC 55k and the Lisbon Marathon on the horizon, I couldn’t afford to have a week (or two) off training.

Barcelona churchSagrat Cor Church

What to See in Barcelona

To get one of the best views of the city you will want to make a trip up Tibidabo, a 512m high mountain occupied by the Sagrat Cor church as well as a large amusement park. Another must-see is Montjuïc in the southeast. At 173m it overlooks the harbour, is topped by Montjuïc castle and is home to sporting venues that were used for the 1992 Olympics. When in the southeast you will also want to visit the Magic Fountain at the base of Montjuïc, where incredible light shows are often held.

For those that aren’t big fans of heights, Barcelona still has a lot to offer. There are many wonderful buildings to visit including the Sagrada Familia which is nearing completion after construction began in 1882. When you have covered all of the sights, be sure to soak up the beautiful beaches and relax by the harbour.

Barcelona view

The Running Routes

The first route Lorna (my girlfriend) and I decided to take was from Torre Agbar down Avinguda Diagonal and south along the coast. We chose this route because Avinguda Diagonal has a wide path down the middle of the road, allowing us to run at an even pace and get into our stride. Knowing the temperature would rise to around 30 degrees celsius at midday we started our run at 8 am. If you are wanting to complete a tough session or long run I would definitely recommend getting out early or running late at night. When running in the heat it is really important to keep hydrated. Fortunately there are plenty of water fountains along parts of the path following the coast, and as you get closer to the W Hotel there are lots of shops. One of our favourite places was Ice Box which did the best ice creams. We did pretty thorough market research. At 8 am the pavements alongside the beach are relatively quiet apart from other runners and a few cyclists. If you need to hold a certain pace or want to run intervals, I would highly recommend heading to the waterfront.

Route 1. Torre Agbar, Avinguda Diagonal and South - 18 km

See Strava map here.

On our long run we took it nice and steady, using it as an opportunity to explore the harbour of Port Olimpic and beaches, eye up local shops, and think of places we wanted to visit. Despite running an out and back route, we didn’t get bored as we had the sea to our left and sculptures along the beach on our right. With the sun shining, and it being rather humid, our pace was a lot slower than back in England. Nevertheless, it was good training as I would like to race abroad in the heat more often. At the end of the day you can’t choose the weather on race day, it was tough running the Boston Marathon in 27 degree heat back in April, and the Lisbon Marathon is likely to be just as hot.

Barcelona fountainMagic Fountain of Montjuïc.

Route 2. Parc de Can Dragó - 13 km

See Strava map here.

As Lorna and I didn’t want to lose any speed while on holiday we researched tracks in Barcelona and found Parc de Can Dragó. It was a 15-minute walk from our hotel, so on our first full day in the city we arrived at the facilities at 9 am. The blue track with eight lanes was well maintained, and the nearby swimming pools looked equally as inviting. If we had stayed in Barcelona longer, we would have definitely returned to Parc de Can Dragó for further training sessions.

The session we attempted was as follows: 3k easy warm-up, 3k at marathon pace (3 mins recovery), 3k at half marathon pace (3 mins recovery), 3k at 10k pace. Due to the heat I ran a little slower than my race paces, but it was a great training session nonetheless. The paella and sangria were well earned!

Top Tips for Running in Barcelona

  • Suitable kit: lightweight breathable sweat-wicking clothing is vital. Shorts with pockets to carry keys, phone and money/card are ideal.
  • Places to see: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Tibidabo, Montjuic, Ciutadella Park, Estadi Olimpic and Camp Nou.

I thoroughly enjoyed running in Barcelona - it was a great way to explore and discover sights that we wanted to revisit via the tour buses. As I normally run in the heart of London, it was also lovely to head along the coast and not worry about pace. It was great training as I feel in really good shape now that I’m back training in London. If I had more time in Barcelona I would have definitely travelled to Montjuïc, Park Guell, and Tibidabo for hill sessions. All in all, I definitely recommend you pack your trainers if you have planned a trip to Barcelona.

Main photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

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