Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

How to Get Involved with Global Running Day

Wednesday June 3rd is Global Running Day, “a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving”. The perfect excuse to try something different! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a relative novice here are 6 ideas for getting you out there...

1. Run with someone new

Global Running Day is the perfect excuse to introduce some of your non-running friends to the sport. Go easy on them and you may make yourself some new lifelong running buddies. If you’re a dog owner why not treat your mutt to a run instead of his/her walk. He’ll be delighted!

2. Run a virtual mile

The New York Road Runners, the people behind Global Running Day, are inviting people to join them for a virtual mile any time between 28 May-7 June – sign up here for some Big Apple action.

3. Run to get lost

Think you know your home patch? Set out and start taking turns at random and deliberately try to get lost. It’s a great way to explore your neighbourhood and potentially add some new routes to your repertoire.  It's refreshing to run without being bound to the clock.

4. Run backwards

In the early 90's there was a fitness coach at Holmes Place in the Fulham Road who was a bit of a show-off and would regularly run backwards while instructing the group. Wacky as it sounds, backwards running has a number of benefits including improving your balance, co-ordination and cardiovascular efficiency. But be sure to keep looking over your shoulder!

How to Get Involved in Global Running Day

5. Start a running diary and set yourself a 2020 goal

It's not too late in the year to start a running diary and set yourself a 2020 running target. Sadly most races have been cancelled because of Covid-19 but it's still worth working towards a specific measurable goal.

However you celebrate, have a great Global Running Day! And if you’re reading this after the event our suggestions still stand.

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