Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

How to Keep Fit on Holiday

Heading off on holiday with family or friends, but worried your running will suffer? Here are our top six tips for a guilt-free break without losing undue fitness… 

Run before breakfast

That way you’re free to relax end enjoy the rest of the day. If you’re on a family holiday you’ll get less stick from the non-runners by running early. Remember to lay your kit out the night before though. Crashing round in the dark waking the family won’t go down well! 

Seek out the sand  

A beach holiday offers some great opportunities to vary your runs. The firm sand along the water’s edge is great for barefoot intervals. Drier sand, pebbles and sand dunes make for a much harder workout and are particularly good for building ankle strength. You could also look for sections of boardwalk. These always put a spring in your step – literally.

Seek out the sandFire Island Beach, New York.

Be flexible 

Becoming fixated on running can be counterproductive – the late, great Sir Roger Bannister famously went on a climbing weekend shortly before breaking the four-minute mile. Swimming is a classic cross training activity, perfect for holidays. Hiring bikes and walking are family friendly activities, which will keep your fitness ticking over.

How to Keep Fit on HolidayBe flexible with your training. Running, combined with a range of cross training activities will keep your fitness ticking over.

Read to seek inspiration

Indulge yourself with some good running reads. Stock up with running and fitness magazines at the airport and pack some inspirational running books. There are some great new running books out there. Take a look at our previous Journal entries: 6 Must-Read Running Biographies and Autobiographies as well as Top 10 Sports Books.

Reflect and plan

A break is the perfect time to look back on your training and racing this year. How could you improve your training? Do you do enough speed work? Hill work? Strength and conditioning? Which races went well and why? Investigate races for the rest of the year and plan which to enter.

Enjoy the break

It’s easy to forget that rest is an important part of one’s training regime. Don’t try to hit your normal weekly mileage slavishly while on holiday. Instead, treat your break as a planned low mileage week. That way you’ll avoid runner’s guilt and return home with your running mojo renewed. Many a runner has set a new PB at parkrun the week after a holiday.

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