Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

I can't believe it's not cotton!

We launched Iffley Road because we realised how uninspiring most running kit was.  Gaudy colours, shiny material, either skin-tight or hopelessly baggy. If your own kit makes your heart sink every time you put it on, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

We wanted to create something completely different. Running gear that looked sharp and felt wonderful to wear, but didn’t compromise on technical performance. Scratchy, sweaty and shiny were out; soft, subtle and stylish were in.

We spent over a year preparing to launch Iffley Road, during which time we were also training for an Ironman.  It enabled us to test our prototypes thoroughly on our long training runs. Our fabric search took almost as long as our training, as we scoured the world for the right supplier before eventually developing our own bespoke blend of drirelease.

Because fabrics made with drirelease technology are not treated with chemicals of any kind, performance is permanent. It will not “wash out” over time. Our bespoke blend of 85% performance polyester and 15% cotton not only wicks sweat really quickly but also dries four times faster than cotton.

The mix of fibres and the way our drirelease is woven make for a super soft, cotton like feel.  To further avoid the risk of chafing we minimise the use of panels in the construction of our tops and use a flat over lock stitch on all internal seams.

We use a piqué construction on all our short sleeved tops and vests - Cambrian,Cambrian Striped, Sidmouth, Marlborough and Lancaster.

Piqué is a particular way of weaving, developed originally in the Lancashire cotton industry, which gives our tops a pleasing old school look.  It has functional benefits too as piqué cloth is naturally well ventilated and holds up well wash after wash.

We hope you feel wonderful running in your Iffley Road kit.  Please email us any feedback to

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