Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

James Beckinsale on Coaching for Rio
We chat to James about how is coaching of Gill is going ahead of her big Rio race on August 20th.
1) As an Olympic coach how have you worked on Gillian's running and overall fitness in preparation for Rio?
As Rio throws up a much bigger challenge than London (sea swim, could be rough or flat), we have had to start right back at the swim as if you don't make front pack in Rio out of the water, you will not bridge up to the lead girls.  After 8 x hill reps on the bike where you will need to hit peak power, the run will be all about mental strength. Currently the weather in Rio is hitting the 30's, but it could be hotter or it could be raining!  The combination of these factors means the run is all about strength endurance and not so much about speed endurance. You have to be strong for Rio!
2)  Any run specific nuggets from your recent book you can share?
I think if people look at the 'flushing' elements in the book, coming away from static stretching and looking more at this dynamic way of elongating muscle fibres, it will lower injury rates in runners.
3) Having recently qualified for Kona what excites you and makes you feel nervous about the challenge ahead?
Preparing an athlete for Rio & other athletes with their A-race coming up at the same time, I can not drop the ball over the next month or so, and this is when I need to be starting my Kona prep... however, as a coach my priority is the athletes that allow me the privilege to work with them... I see challenges but they will be overcome!

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James Beckinsale

Coach, Founder of Optima Racing Team & 2016 Kona Ironman Qualifier

James’s main long-term goal is “to be 80 years old still coaching happy athletes!”