Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

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Not only do we all need a little extra motivation to get out of the door during the winter months, but running as we know it is, well… different. Many of us aren’t meeting up with our buddies, run groups or clubs, and often our run experiences are very different to pre-Covid. We’re exercising locally, where many of the paths and trails are more crowded than ever. We’ve also lost our end goals, while we wait to see when races will start again.

This is the perfect time to connect with some brilliant podcasts. They will make the miles fly by, but also allow you to expand knowledge and self-understanding. And they might make you laugh, too.


The Rich Roll Podcast

Expect an eloquent and comprehensive dive into how to achieve a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete, a vegan nutrition advocate, and a bestselling author. This popular wellness podcasts features special guests in the quest to discuss everything from distance running to how to unleash your best self. And the thing we love about this podcast, that educates and empowers you, is that many episodes exceed two hours, making it the perfect companion for your long-run.


Trail Runner Nation

One of the oldest trail running podcasts, Trail Runner Nation explores all things trail. Passionate co-hosts Scott Warr and Don Freeman, both experienced ultra-marathoners, discuss every aspect of running wild. You’ll get interviews with some of the world’s best endurance athlete, as well as advice on how to start trail running, including essential kit and answering all your race-day questions.


Guardian’s Science Weekly

For your weekly science updates, The Guardian uses its Science Weekly podcast to help you digest everything going on in the world, and beyond. It tackles crucial scientific questions, such as what Covid 19 can tells us about immunity and how and why is the virus mutating, but also broader subjects such as our relationship with the cosmos. The archive is endless, so those 30 minute faster runs are now covered well into the summer!


TED Health

If you’re all about technology, entertainment and design, and you’re wondering while you run what exercise is doing to your brain, this is the podcast for you. Welcome to a world of lectures from global leaders in health and healthcare thinking, who explore subjects you may never have thought about, and it’s all free! The overall aim is to enhance how we all can live healthier, happier lives, with subjects such as how to be a better human, what you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s, to how sleep is your superpower.


Feel Better, Live More With Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Well known as the host of the BBC’s Doctor in the House, Dr Rangan Chatterjee wants to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Not only does Dr Chatterjee try to expose the truth behind health myths, he’s also on a quest to help you to create a lifelong relationship with the joy of movement. Every Wednesday a long form version of the podcast is released, followed by a shorter, bite-sized version on Fridays.


Running Commentary

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about running, life and comedy. While they’re running. Often interviewing other runners at the same time. If you’re looking for a funny, quirky and insightful listen to distract you from both life and running, with plenty of encouragement as well as laughter, and totally different perspectives, then Paul and Rob will entertain you for hours.


Running for Real

Former British elite long distance runner Tina Muir lives and runs in America. Now a mum of two, she uses her Running for Real podcast to dig into the very real, often boring, day to day struggles all runners go through. Every episode she talks to different experts, from coaches, elite runners, scientists to dietitians to tackle taboo subjects and give you advice to apply to your own running journey.


The Week Unwrapped

When you haven’t had time to switch on the news, The Week Unwrapped provides you with a 30-minute update on news and current affairs from around the world in the previous seven days. Each story is discussed and debated so you’re getting the real stories behind the headlines each week. Are British companies doing enough about modern slavery? What happens to digital possessions when we die? You’ll have to tune in to find out.



Something completely different – and pure escapism for us all – is Serial. An auditory Cluedo, this podcast unfolds one true crime story over the course of a whole season. Expect to be addicted as the various real-life plot twists and turns unfold – these are not straightforward cases. Made by the creators of This American Life and hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig, once you start listen you won’t be able to stop until you found out… who did it. These are slow-drip stories, and undoubtedly the greatest murder mysteries you’ll ever hear.


The Adam Buxton Podcast

English comedian, writer, and actor Adam Buxton interviews friends and celebrities, for a five-star experience from this long-running podcast. Facing a grey, miserable day for your run? Download Adam and share his insights with a vast array of interesting guests as they ramble through a myriad of subjects. With an hour, often more, of conversation to get lost in you’ll be hooked, like thousands of others, and find yourself back at home, session done. Facing an agonising wait until you can download the next episode.     



Anonymous said:

Podcast thoughts interesting, i’d also suggest:

The Flying Coach – a limited series podcast that is really great:

Plenty of others out there I know but i really enjoyed this one’s take on leadership and coaching that then pivoted slightly to look at BLM – an evergreen podcast I suggest!

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