Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

Reboot your Running

How to regain your motivation to run

It was only when we started to redesign our website that we realized the old site was looking a little tired and stale.  It then struck us that running can suffer the same fate. Even the keenest runners can loose motivation at times, so here are some of our tips to regain your running mojo…

  • Vary your route. It’s tempting to stick to the same few routes. You don’t have to think and it’s a good way to gauge your fitness. However why not explore your work and home neighbourhoods more?

Reboot your running by varying your route

  • Vary your races. Comfortable with 5 or 10ks? Time to move on. You could go long, an off road half marathon for example. Or go short, the ultimate challenge of the mile perhaps? Either way the new training challenges you’ll face will freshen up your running regime.

Reboot your run by varying your racing

  • Change your company. If you’re not already in a running club you should be – running with others is a great motivator. If you’re already a club stalwart, do you always stick to the same session or group?

Reboot your running by changing your company

  • Run somewhere beautiful – it’s good for the soul. The science agrees – countless studies recognize the positive effects of outdoor training on mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

Reboot your running by running somewhere beautiful

  • Rest and reflect. Sometimes its good to take a short break from running. Keep fit through other sports such as swimming, cycling, yoga and reflect on why we were drawn to running in the first place.

So what helps keep you running? We’d love to know.  Please email us at

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