Strength & Conditioning for Runners

By James Beckinsale. Posted: October 05, 2016

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If you’re someone who loves running, it’s easy to disregard Strength & Conditioning (S&C) as something you don’t have time for. All the more so, if you are time pressed by work and home. 

But rest assured, you will become a better runner by doing S&C at least once a week. Without this it’s easy to be running without fully utilising all the muscles on offer.

Optima coach, James Beckinsale recommends breaking S&C into three distinct phases.

Phase 1 – The foundation prepares the body for intense training that is to come and should begin approximately 6 months before the start of race season.

Typically this should include a mixture of exercises such as Front Planks, Side Planks, Sit-ups, Back Bridges and Single Leg Bridges.

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Phase 2 – During this phase (usually Winter) you focus on training with greater loads and at a higher intensity, targeting major muscle groups. 

Normally this should include a mixture of exercises such as Adduction, Press-ups, Nordic Hammies and Front Plank Rotation.

Phase 3 – By the time you start phase three you will be much stronger, Therefore this is about maintenance and focusing on any remaining weaknesses.

Typically this should include a mixture of Single-leg jump squats, Superman Bench Raises and Nordic Hammies (into Ballistic Press-up).

For further advice we recommend taking a look at 

All exercises can be done inside a gym but equally well outside. So why not strengthen up today!

“There is no sport you could be too strong for but weakness will cause injury and inefficiency.” James Beckinsale

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