Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

Super Lightweight  Gilet - The Perfect Companion to Autumn

For some, the autumn is a welcome change - the crisp brown leaves underfoot and the morning dew gently transition us away from our summertime bliss into the colder months of the year. For others, that morning run or commute to work suddenly becomes wet, windy and grey.    

Sheen Gilet

Regardless as to which camp you fall into, there is one thing you will definitely gravitate towards and that is dressing more warmly.  One of the best ways to do this is to layer.

Indeed, there is versatility (and more mileage) in layering.  And, what we’ve found is that you don’t necessarily need too many layers all at once - particularly during this time of year when certain days are brisk but not freezing. A gilet, such as our Sheen, can often be the perfect intermediate weather top-layer to combat the effect of a chilly start.  

The Award Winning Sheen Gilet - a fantastic top layer

Versatile, feather-light (only 125g for the medium size), and modishly cut, this Italian soft shell is a great companion to those brisk morning and evening runs.  Made from a highly technical tri-layer Italian soft-shell, incorporating an Event® membrane, it’s extremely waterproof and therefore as suitable for light drizzles as it is for heavier showers.  It is also breathable and windproof.  Whilst you are unlikely to overheat in the Sheen, it is excellent for keeping the trunk warm.  

Sheen gilet waterproofing

Sheen Gilet full-length

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Sheen is its ability to fold into its own back pocket (a stowaway with double puller zip and drainage eyelet), making it ideal for packing up and taking with you when on the go.  

Sheen gilet stowaway pocket


And, as the polar opposite to the Marty McFly orange puffer vest, it’s also an incredibly stylish piece that can be donned with many outfits and looks - whether on the track or in the pub after work.

Rhune at Pub in Sheen Gilet

Award Winning 

Our Sheen Gilet won the Gold in Men's Running Magazine's 2016 product awards (Waterproof Jackets category).


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