How to Mentally Prepare for a Marathon

With the Spring marathon season round the corner, your “2017 A race” may well be in sight. Or even if it’s not your A race, it’s almost certainly one of...

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26 Fun Facts About Marathons

We bring you 26 facts about the Marathon. From horses to outer space, we've got a fun fact for every mile of this classic race distance. 

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What to Wear When You're Running a Marathon

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned marathoner, choosing the right kit for a spring marathon such as London is a really important decision.  The absolute golden rule is to...

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How to Pace for a Marathon - Training and in the Race

So you've sealed your Marathon place and started chalking up the training miles. But have you set yourself a race target and how do you start training towards this goal?...

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6 Gym Exercises to Help Build Strength for Running

Training for running events by running, as you’d probably expect, is a very good idea. It’s pretty much a necessity in fact, if you want to maintain, improve and progress...

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Your Garden - Your Gym

If you’re one of those runners who absolutely hates the gym, read on.  It’s a myth – perpetuated by the gym industry – that most strength and conditioning (S&C) exercises...

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Strength & Conditioning for Runners

If you’re someone who loves running, it’s easy to disregard Strength & Conditioning (S&C) as something you don’t have time for. All the more so, if you are time pressed...

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Three Men on a Track - Interview Part II

Last week we caught up with Rune Sanbeck, a busy professional, keen runner and dad of two to find out what inspires him to run. This week we meet his...

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Three Men on a Track - Interview Part I

Most of us get the evening jogging thing. A gentle 20 minute trot round the park and you can crack open the beer and order in a pizza with a...

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How To Make Speed Work Fun

For the more time-pressed and less experienced runners who still want to do some Speed Work, here are some ways we came up with for making intervals more accessible and much more fun.

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