The Classic Hooded Sweatshirt

By Bill Byrne. Posted: February 15, 2017

The Classic Hooded Sweatshirt - a versatile garment for any runner’s wardrobe

The iconic hooded grey sweatshirt has long been an essential item for many a runner’s wardrobe. This timeless garment has become a popular favourite that’s permeated different aspects of our lifestyle and culture. From trackside, ‘to and from’ the gym, or simply lounging at home, we created our Fife hooded sweatshirt to have a ‘wear anywhere appeal’ that can be worn for all seasons.


Creating a timeless piece that could fit seamlessly into our modern lifestyle, as well as becoming a trusted running companion, is at the heart of why we decided to create the Fife, a pebble grey hooded sweatshirt.  We felt the only way to honour such a beloved item was to try and elevate it as modern classic that delivers comfort - albeit in a more smart and sophisticated way.

Fife hooded sweatshirt

Design Ethos

Central to the Iffley Road design ethos is fit and fabric. When we first sit down to design a new garment we always look at how we can improve on the material, style, cut, and components to create a “best in class” piece of kit.

We aimed to create a quality garment with our signature slim cut that would translate well from the track to everyday life. The result is a cut that is flattering whilst remaining true to that classic ‘hoodie’ look.

Fife hooded sweatshirt

Fit & Fabric

We source premium materials that give long-lasting performance and comfort - and the Fife hooded sweatshirt is no exception. Crafted with high-end, European 390g polycotton (40% cotton, 60% polyamide) the Fife is durable, tough and abrasion/snag resistant on the outer. It also maintains its shape well unlike some other hoodies that can be prone to sagging.

Trademark 3½ inch panels - present in both the body and hood - give the Fife even more structuring.  The elegantly shaped hood with its 3 panel construction, is made more distinct with its high neckline that, when pulled in with its draw cords, sits snug against the face without gaping or flapping (a common occurrence with most hooded sweatshirts), making forays out into the cold and chilly winter air much more bearable.

Fife hooded sweatshirt

Attention to Detail

It’s in the finer details where we believe the Fife truly hits its stride such as the rubberized metal toggles with matching cord ends. The seams and collar are lined with Italian microfibre fabric used in our shorts, giving the garment a smooth finish that prevents rubbing.  Deep pockets, also lined, add to the Fife’s relaxed feel, while the elasticated cuffs and hems fit snugly around the waist and wrists. The whole garment is finished with a high quality Italian zip with an Iffley Road puller, tonal grey herringbone zip tape and finished off with a darker grey embroidered Iffley Road roundel on the chest.

Fife hooded sweatshirt

A versatile favourite

All of this makes the Fife a versatile, classic and well-made piece of functional kit. So, whether you enjoy lounging in your hoodie apres-run, warming up in it before a challenging interval session, or simply want to wear something relaxing and comfortable to Sunday brunch, the Fife hooded sweatshirt could quickly become that beloved go-to favourite.

Pair it with our Cambrian stripe t-shirt, Hampton shorts, and Windsor leggings.

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