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The Podcast Series: Episode 1

We are thrilled to be bringing you the first episode of our brand new podcast series. As lovers of podcasts, we wanted to be able to share the knowledge of our sporting friends and ambassadors in a more user-friendly way than a pure blog.

Our podcasts will be a series of informal chats with sportsmen and women on a wide range of fitness, lifestyle and running related topics. 

In our first podcast we chat to James Beckinsale, founder of Optima Racing Team and author of The Triathlon Training Book. A coach since 1998, he coached his first triathlete, Gillian Sanders to the Olympic Games, in only 18 months from her career as a full time lawyer. James has gone on to help Gillian to a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games 2014.

So put your headphones on, hit play, and enjoy the Iffley Road podcast.


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