Run for the Journey

Run for the Journey

The Runner's Commute Style Report

There’s nothing quite like that sensation of truly ‘winning’ at life: feeling completely on top of things, being highly productive and taking small but measured steps towards achieving your goals.  

Running to work very much embodies that sensation.  Much like packing a healthy lunch, or laying out your clothes for the next day, it gives you that rush when you utilize your time effectively. It’s also a great way of packing in those extra training sessions you’ve been needing (or simply craving).

Of course, it can be tricky to get the motivation and logistics lined up for a steady morning jaunt to the office or a quick sprint around the block during your lunch break.  Having some great kit to show off (that is also comfortable) could very well be the solution!

So here are some kit options that we think are great for running to work in the colder weather.

Sheen runner's gilet

The Technical Gilet

We think this one is essential.  When it comes to gilets or jackets, you want something that can contend with all manner of weather (so as not to derail your run commute). A gilet that is technical, lightweight, waterproof, windproof and well-cut such as our Award-winning Sheen can really elevate your running experience - particularly since it’s so stylish.  It’s also stowable for when you get to the office.

 Sandown raceday blue longsleeve top

The Trusty Base-layer

The base or mid-layer forms the foundation of any good running outfit, especially when you first bolt out in the mornings during the winter months.  Having something that keeps you warm without leaving you in a cold sweat will make all the difference when running to the office.  With an intricate blend of wool and polyester, our Sandown provides excellent temperature control and will keep you dry throughout your run.  It can also be worn as a mid-layer or even as a stand-alone top.  

Windsor slate grey leggings 

The Stylish Slate Grey Leggings

 The best leggings are often those that you barely feel. Our Windsor leggings are just so, with discreet seams and minimal paneling to give you the utmost comfort and flexibility when sprinting through the busy urban landscape.  They also come in a flattering slate grey.  You can even pair them with some shorts for a more layered approach to your morning commute.

 Cambrian pebble grey t-shirt

The Classic T-shirt

Having alternatives, particularly another top to throw on, or to stash away in your rucksack as safety is smart when running to and from work.  Our Cambrian t-shirts are great for this and come in a range of different classic colours (no gaudy neon here).

 So put on some great kit, take a deep breath, and head out to the office in sport and style.  

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