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Three Men on a Track - Interview Part I

Three Men on a Track

Most of us get the evening jogging thing. A gentle 20 minute trot round the park and you can crack open the beer and order in a pizza with a clear conscience. 

But what inspires three busy men to leave their desk early every Wednesday night and head off to bust a gut at the track for 90 minutes?

We caught up with three keen runners at their regular weekly intervals session with Optima Racing Team at Barn Elms Track, in South West London to find out…

Interview with Rune Sanbeck, busy professional, keen runner and dad of two

This week we talk to Rune Sanbeck, 46 years old and a dad to two young boys and always travelling for work. He loves challenging himself and says he cannot live without doing sports regularly!

three men on a track

(Rune is wearing a maple striped Cambrian t-shirt with Thompson shorts)


1) When did you start running?

I have been running since I was around 10 years old. We had a running race we did every year as a family which was more to participate and have a good time than to race (it is called Eremitage Lobet and is an event just outside Copenhagen with over 20,000 participants and is a 13.3 km course).  Running was mostly something I did, and the family did, to be better at our other sports. My family are all rowing national champions and my sport was handball, so running was a good thing to do to be fit. I got more serious about running when I started doing triathlons as it was my weakest discipline. The more I run, the more I enjoy it, so running is taking up more and more of my training time and has become a goal in itself.

2) What do you love about running?

The simplicity. You can run everywhere – travelling a lot I get to run one day in Central Park, another day on Santa Monica beach, another day in the gym in Riyadh. You can run alone and use it to clear your mind, enjoy nature, see a city or be with friends. Lastly, it is a real challenge for me! I enjoy that.

3) Do you prefer to run alone or with mates or family?

It depends. I tend to run mostly alone but that is not my choice, if I have the opportunity to run with others I prefer that. The only challenge is I often find myself struggling to hang on!

4) Where’s your favourite place and time of day to run?

In the forest back home where I grew up. Very hilly, tracks, in the woods, next to a huge lake or next to the ocean. This is North of Copenhagen.

5) Why do you come to the track?

When I feel the need to suffer.

Rune runner

(Gravel black/pebble grey Cambrian t-shirt)


6) How fast can you run a Mile?

Not very fast…..seriously, just under 6 minutes.

7) Other than running how do you stay fit?

Cycling, swimming, fitness training. Recently I have found that doing pilates makes me run faster.

8) What's your favourite piece of Iffley Road kit?

I like the Lancaster night sky vest.

9) Who’s your sporting hero and why?

Muhammed Ali! Real fitness, strength and elegant!

Thank you, Rune.

Next week we talk to other Optima Racing Team members, James Marler and Paul Burton.

Three men on bleachers