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Timeless British Running Kit

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3 Top Tips for Running After Dark

With the clocks going back on Sunday, it's worth making sure you're safe running in the dark.

Wearing a reflective jacket is good start. If you don't have one, make sure you follow our other top tips for remaining safe while running after dark.

1) Always use a head torch. Bear in mind that even if you're running in a park, you may need to be visible to other runners/cyclists or even animals. In our experience a head torch is by far the simplest solution for night time running in unlit areas. Consider some red lighting for your back - smaller LEDs or armbands are ideal.

2) Run against the direction of the traffic. Wherever possible avoid traffic or run on the pavement. But if not, it's actually safer to face the oncoming traffic.

3) Run with friends. It's usually more enjoyable running with friends but all the more so after dark in remote or edgy areas.

So wrap up warm, put on your head torch and enjoy your night time run!