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By Iffley Road. Posted: October 27, 2015

The 6 Best Running Jackets: Which One is Right for You?

BUYING GUIDES: With the weather about to turn lung-shreddingly cold, it’s time to invest in your outerwear

By CHRIS SAYER on 11 NOV 2015

Storm Jacket

A filth-caked, ill-fitting jacket never helped anyone win a boardroom pitch, so if you jog to work in the mornings you’ll need a layer that’ll maintain your image as a business boss. As with all Iffley Road garms, the cut of this smart piece is paramount, ensuring you’ll look as slick as your suited-up colleagues. Oh, and even if you’ve just sprinted through a dirty farmyard, this deep black colour won’t betray your clean-cut image.

Iffley Road Storm Jacket, £185

The 5 New Sportswear Brands You’ll Want to Get a Piece of

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The name comes from the track where Roger Bannister ran the first ever recorded sub-four-minute mile, and this history is reflected in the design. The Longer Hampton shorts look like old private-school PE kit, but they have modern technical features such as mesh material. They’re also available in white if you fancy going all Chariots of Fire.


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