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Running Fitness - Barnes Beanie

Perfect for when there is a chill in the air, this beanie from Iffley Road is made from merino wool which regulates body temperature ensuring that your head will stay...

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Women's Running Magazine - Virginia Leggings

Iffley Road Leggings Iffley Road apparel is guaranteed style and their sophisticated slate grey leggings are distinctive and flattering. With the bottom zips trimmed with a discreet flash of the...

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Running Monkey - Windsor Leggings

Finally the new Iffley Road Leggings at £75. These actually proved so comfortable that for some time our RunningMonkey tester refused to budge outside and run, preferring to merely lounge...

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Coach Magazine - Richmond Jacket

The 6 Best Running Jackets: Which One is Right for You? BUYING GUIDES: With the weather about to turn lung-shreddingly cold, it’s time to invest in your outerwear A filth-caked, ill-fitting...

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GQ - Marlborough T-Shirt

Our Stuff GQ's management big gun - and resident running man - fires off his favourite things from Philip Larkin to The Cribs. Running shirt: V-neck tee by Iffley Road ...

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Gentleman's Journal - Cambrian T-Shirt

5 of the Ultimate T-Shirt Brands  The Exercise Essential: Iffley Road If there’s any place most of us wear a t-shirt on a regular basis it’s when exercising or at...

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Men's Running - Sidmouth T-Shirt

Iffley Road Half Zip T-Shirt Fantastic, styled garment that felt incredibly soft and comfortable. The top wicked sweat well, while still keeping a cotton-like feel. One of the best tops...

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Runner's World - Pembroke Shorts

Iffley Classic Running Shorts Slightly redolent of the PE shorts you wore at primary school, these are supremely comfortable. The flat-fronted design protects modesty, the weave is abrasion-resistant and the...

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FT How To Spend It - Thorpe Long Sleeved Top

Runners have always had several brands to choose from, and a surfeit of product releases every year. But the aesthetic is usually the same: brights or blacks, with fairly prominent...

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Runner's World - Cambrian Stripe Tee

Iffley Road Cambrian Stripe Tee Part of retro brand Iffley Road's new range. The designs are sober, the branding discreet and the kit is every bit as technically competent as...

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Runner's World - Holly Shorts

Iffley Road Classic Shorts - Gravel Black These allow good freedom of movement.  They also look good and there's a silky-soft lining.

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Monocle Review - Hampton Shorts

Best for exercise. Often an enlivening burst of physical activity is the ticket for clearing your mind (or coming to a decision). That's why we're always sure to tuck some...

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GQ review - Sheen Gillet

Named after the track where Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, Iffley Road is adored by runners because it neatly wraps new-school fabric tech in old-school inspired designs.  Its...

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