How to choose your running shorts

How to choose your running shorts

Not sure which of our running shorts to choose? These five handy tips should help.

1. Length

How long would you like your running shorts to be?

Generally, the taller you are, the longer the leg length you can choose.

We offer three lengths of running shorts. (Lengths are measured on the inside leg, from the crotch to the leg opening).

Pembroke is our shortest style, with a leg length of 5in/13cm. This style suits all runners, but will look particularly good if you’re shorter than average.

Thompson is mid-length (6in/15cm), so it falls to round about the middle of the thigh on average-height men. It’s a versatile cut that suits pretty much everybody.

Hampton is the longest (8in/20cm), so the end of the leg is approaching your knee. This style really suits longer legs.

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2. Build

Are you lean and lithe or strong and stocky?

Pembroke and Hampton look especially sharp if you have a slimmer, distance-runner sort of physique.

If you’re built like a sprinter, or have bigger thighs from rugby or cycling, you may want to consider Thompson. Its slightly more generous cut is ideal for a heavier build.

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3. Pockets

Think about what you normally take out on a run. What sort of pockets would you like, or need, in your running shorts?

  • Pembroke has two front pockets, designed to fit small items such as credit cards or gels.
  • Thompson has two traditional side pockets (to fit a tennis ball) and one secure side zipped pocket, designed to fit a small MP3 player.
  • Hampton has two traditional side pockets.

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4. Activity

What sports will you wear your shorts for? All three styles are ideal for running, but are great for other sports and activities too. 

  • Pembroke, our most pared-back design, offers minimum drag with maximum ventilation, making it perfect for out-and-out racing or pushing for a PB.
  • Hampton is truly versatile pair of shorts that you'd feel comfortable wearing during and after your workout.
  • Thompson, with its slightly looser cut, offers maximum freedom of movement and lends itself well to gym work or the tennis court.

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5. Colour

We’ve put a lot of thought into our colour choices and we’re confident that any combination of Iffley Road kit will look good.

In making a choice, you might want to consider temperature (lighter colours = cooler in sun), how much dirt you’re likely to encounter and, of course, which colour makes you run the fastest!

  • Pembroke is available in Dover White, Marine Blue, Gravel Black and Leaf Green.
  • Thompson is available in Marine Blue, Gravel Black, and Gravel Black Contours.
  • Hampton is available in Dover White, Marine Blue, Gravel Black, and Leaf Green.

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Remember, all three running shorts styles…

  • are made of beautiful, high-performance Italian fabric
  • have a unique flat-fronted design, elasticated rear and internal draw cord
  • have a soft, highly breathable mesh fabric lining
  • have a discreetly embossed Iffley Road roundel and signature tri-stripe vents
  • are designed in the UK and made in the EU
  • If you need more advice on choosing from our range, just get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help you.

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How to choose your running shorts
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