Europe: No extra charges on arrival

Europe: No extra charges on arrival



There are many ways you can earn points, and no limits to how many points you can earn. The more you shop, the more you earn.

• Sign up for an Iffley Road account: 100 points.

• Earn points every time you shop with us: £1 spent will earn you 1 point (Ex-VAT).

• Leave your first Feefo review for a product that you have purchased (Feefo will send a feedback request to your email): 100 points


If you already have an online Iffley Road account, please sign in. Otherwise, please create an account by clicking the button link below.


Members can use their points to reduce the purchase price of a product or to receive a product for free based on the following scale of 1 point = 5 pence (£0.05), so for example:

• 200 points = £10.00 voucher

• 500 points = £25.00 voucher

• 1,000 points = £50.00 voucher

• 2,000 points = £100.00 voucher etc...


You can start redeeming your points against purchases once you have a total of 200 points (£10). You redeem your points by signing into your online Iffley Road account and then clicking on the small blue "Rewards" pop-up in the bottom left hand corner of our website. 

Once you've clicked on the blue "Rewards" pop-up, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the button that says 'Your rewards'.

2. Now click the reward that you would like to redeem.

3. Once you have redeemed the reward, you can now copy the code (an email will also be sent to you with the code for safe-keeping).

4. You can now use the reward code that you have copied and paste it during the checkout process.


If you already have an Iffley Road account you are automatically part of our Rewards Programme and eligible to start earning points.

Points not valid on tax or shipping costs. No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points. If you paid with a combination of payment card and rewards points, we'll refund anything you paid for with your rewards points first, and then refund any outstanding credit you are owed on to your original payment card.

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